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Pitcher Pots & fans

Poverty deprives one from food, shelter, clothes, education and proper rights. There are various causes of poverty in the country however solutions too but because of the lack of initiatives from the upper class of the society, poverty is increasing badly day by day. We, at Divya prakash sewa samiti, help in bridging the gap between the higher sections and the opressed sections of the society by efficient coordination and supervision.

We believe we can bring a remarkable change, if we join hands together for a great cause, all we need is the right intention and the desire to serve the society.

Not all are fortunate enough to rest in some air conditioned space, forget the ACs, glass chilled water seems to be a blessing to them. We say this, on just paying a little attention and close observation to the people who are simply making our lavish survival easier.

“Scorching heat and flames in the air, this is what describes summers in here”

When we say this we are talking about our drivers, our watchmen, that sabziwaale bhaiya and our very own maids, and all those who serve us on a daily basis.

With this thought in mind, we came up with an idea so grounded, practical and easy to execute but the outcomes left us speechless and overwhelmed.

We distributed pitcher pots and table fans to each needy person we encountered on our way. Not just this, the issue of employment which covers the major columns of our newspapers everyday was also curbed to some extent.

When we saw the contentment on those faces, we couldn’t resist capturing those emotions and when we go down the memory lane and look at those pictures we feel accomplished and breathe a sigh of relief.

This justifies the very famous thought that to help and to serve one needs not to be blessed with deep pockets, all you need is desire and intent.