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Old age home

Old age home

The rapid increase in the number of residents in old-age homes during recent times has set off alarm bells in the Department of Social justice. According to information made available by the Government, there has been a 69 per cent increase in the number of residents of old-age homes in the State over the past four years.

For the old people its tough to find a shelter or even snippets of food on their own. For this there are number of old age homes, some are paid and some are running by the ngos. Culpable negligence in some homes is a cause of their deplorable state.Only living between four walls ,with a roof on their heads, and some food on their plates ameliorates the aged state of difficulty.

We the memebrs of Divya Prakash Seva Samiti, keeping in mind all the difficulties an elderly faces and the need for having a caring and an aggravate home for the family we’re trying to build, are constructing an old age home in Chhibramau, a subdivision of Kannuaj district in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

We are planning to build a home not just a building with bricks and tiles but love and compassion, with an amiable atmosphere. We are trying to expedite the modalities of OUR home to give every needy a substative life in a manned manner.