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“Education is the most powerful instrument you can use,to change the world". This education refers to human education. All ,whether a girl or boy, have the right to Change this world, that is, to get access to education, irrespective of the caste they belong to. Here is a story of a girl whose scholarship was called off by the government.

This is a father helpless yet determined to get her daughter a worthy education despite of the scholarship being called off which was offered to her. He is a watchman and earns mere 6000 per month. With such petty income, mere survival in the national capital is a matter of concern, least he can do is to fight the system to claim what his daughter deserves to have, a right to avail a quality education.

But we do believe that dreams don’t come with a price tag nor they are meant to take the backend.

Dreams are meant to be cherished and fulfilled, his dream to educate his daughter and her dream, to become what she aspires to. If not the government then we are there for him, WE are there for you.